艾咪感謝陳北機教授的肯定98/07/19 湖南 張家界  國家森林公園艾咪以文會友,歡迎您暢遊「艾咪看世界」,希望您也喜歡「艾咪的天空」~艾咪感謝陳北機教授的肯定2009年8月4日 上午 8:21 陳教授寫道:Dear Amy,As usual, I very much enjoyed reading your email and I can see you are trying hard to write good English letters and I admire your great spirit and believe you'll be a wonderful or even great lady one of these days for as a good model/paradigm. Wish you and your kids good luck in the future and when we think of our sources of wisdom, think of Sun Yat-sen ( I am not a member of KMT). Talk to you some other time. Wish your 87-year old ( my father was born in 1920 and is still in good health asking me to play majong with him and my mother every weekend!), you, and your family good health, especially in this hot summer!As ever,Peijee Chen-----------------------------2009年8月3日 下午 8:18 艾咪回覆:Dear Philip,Firstly, sorry to answer you so late because it took me much time to understand your email. Secondly, I learn a lot of knowledge about history, health and political issues in your email. These emails can push me to look it up in my dictionary. Although it is difficult for me to answer your email by English, I enjoy sharing my personal thought and experience with you.As to my cousins on the father's side in The Mainland China, they arealso my family. I received a warm welcome from my oldest cousin whenI met him first time on July 11 in The Mainland China . I had a longtalk with him in the hotel. He is very urgent to meet my father again because he is worrying my father's health. It is very hard for the old man(87 years of age) to go to The Mainland China. Anyway, hiskindness and regards moved me to tears.I graduated from The National Cheng-Chi University in 1990. As you know, my major is Chinese literature department. I had a dream to live a colorful life and study TESLE(master degree) in U.S.A. whenI worked about three years. However, I finally gave it up becauseI can not stop worrying my family. I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. That is to say, I am the biggest child. You can call it fatalism. An instant, I am a mother and have two sons, one is thirteen, the other is ten. (HA!HA!)Since The Mainland China built Confucius-College (孔子學院) outside the country in 2004, the Chinese language studies became a popular program and department. Now, it may be turning point for me to teach foreigners Chinese language in the future as soos as my oral English is no problem. Frankly speaking, I took the examination(教育部華語對外教學能力認證考試) on July 25~26 in order to get the license. If I get the Doctor degree and the license in the future, maybe I have the chance to bring my sons to go to U.S.A. for one year or 固態硬碟two. At that time, they could be the exchange-students(交換學生) in the high school. In the meantime, I could be the Chinese teacher in U.S.A. What a perfect plan. I must be crazy.Thanks for your patience to read my email.Best regards,-------------2009年8月1日 上午 10:53 陳教授寫信:Dear Amy,Many thanks. I enjoy chatting with honest and good-natured people; you have much better other virtues than these! If not for foreign interference ( the shameful cruel previous imperialisms--- they are still around only in good camouflage cheating the less developed countries....), your father would not to suffer so much fighting another civil war being forced to treat family, relatives and friends as enemies. We are like the Koreans, victims of the vicious imperialistic countries who are still around capitalizing on their more developed status, abusing the less developed contries--- especially those countries with leaders being educated in the US. The Taiwanese people have been hard-working ---- at least your father and our generations; but, they can not even have a free high-school education; simply because the leaders (both pan-blue and pan-green or whatever color) have been also slaves in front of American power or American interest! Due to blind pro-American sentiment ( remember all big political crooks have more or less spouse/children/and or great-children living in the US or have the intention to go to the US bringing lots of money from Taiwan; USA has been perfect paradise for rich criminals from both Taiwan and China Mainland for many many years), lots of Taiwan money have to be spent buying US weapons and small contries recognition, small countries of US friends. I had talked with Mr. Ma two time in private in 1998 right before his returning to Cheng-chi University to teach and his announcement running for Taipei Mayorship. He appears a good-natured person and I liked him; but, one of his shortcomings is lack of self-confidence and too pro-America. I hope he'll review our history since the Opium War in 1840 and restore minimum Chinese Nationalism like the founding Head of KMT, Sun Yat-sen. American cultures of individualism, heroisn, consumerism, sensationalism. self-indulgence .... are destroying the Chinese culture and our future is not so optimistic with many of us still treating American paper money as gold or silver! Americans robbed China in Ching Dynasty and they still rob us in a disguised manner if you pay close attention. They support all separatism in China so as to maximize thier national interest. We must defend our traditional core value, interest, philosophy so as Chian and the world can be more peaceful. I have known many Islams and if the US and many his buddies ( UK, Canada, Australia, New Zea land) are worsening their msataself-indulgence spreading AIDS, cheating minors of both sexes for lust. 2009年7月23日 下午 11:15 艾咪回覆:北機兄您好,這一兩天Gmail好像出狀況,我無法寄e-mail給您.謝謝您的支持,我會努力的.---------------------2009年7月22日 上午 7:40 陳教授寫信:Dear Amy,Many thanks for sharing all these with me. I enjoyed tremendously readingyour articles and please keep up with the good work. Keep in touch.Best wishes,Peijee Chen-----------------------2009年7月21日 下午 1:40 艾咪寫道:北機兄您好,艾咪回到臺灣了,以下供您參考:第九屆湖湘文化之旅http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3498----------------------2009年7月10日 上午 11:23 艾咪回覆:Dear Philip,Thanks for your mail. I am so glad to know your thought about the patriotismand Chinese nationalism. According to your description about Mayor Hu (Jason),frankly speaking, I am a little surprised. However, I will considerit twice. Maybe,you are right because I are educated and brainwashed here receiving both trueand false information.You are a special man of personal thought. I am looking forward to seeing youin the meeting by WORLD CHINESE LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION on December25~28 this year.By the way, I read a book last night. The name of the book is "像我一樣勇敢".The writer is Olga(吳美君). She was a leader of Yahoo!Kimo, Kentucky. However,she was fired by Kentucky finally. She married the same man twice. Iget so much including the ideas of career, family,marriage------ from this book.Anyway, your kindness will be appreciated.Best regards,------------------------------2009年7月9日 上午 8:10 陳教授寫信:Dear Amy,I usually only check my personal emails once a day as at work I have to read and write so many emails. But, your emails are always different from most others. I enjoy reading your description of experiences, expectations, questions and imaginations... very educational to me. Hope you get the other paper published smoothly and your trip to Hunan a pleasant one. You have only less than 2 days before leaving for Chinamainland on 7/11. Actually, we(Oxford Society, Taiwan with some 100 ph.d.-holders, I have been a founding member since when they started this in 1989, they used my office as contacting place one time) are having our annual meeting 7/11 in Taichung and Mayor Hu ( Jason) is giving us a speech on how he wants to improve Taichung City. Last time when members went to Taichung, Jason Hu bought all nice dinner. I did not go last time and I won't go this time simply because I have been disappointed with a "second generation" individual like Jason who has never shown enough patriotism--- probably that is why he has asked about me recently. We used to see each other quite often when he was GIO head in Taipei. I have been a "peace ambassador" for some 5 years; but, I rarely attend 房屋二胎their activities as I see so many scholars with little Chinese nationalism. Your uncle's brothers are of course members of your father or grandfather's big family. You have mixed feelings like we all do since we are educated ( some are brainwashed) here receiving both true and false infomation. I still believe in "blood is thicker than water". I am glad to get to see your brother-in-law as a scholar and I am sure everyone will be proud of you. I am sure you'll learn more things from this and you'll be one step further to becoming a more noble person demonstrating your goodwill and charity..... Have fun. Have a safe and pleasant trip!As ever,Peijee Philip Chen-------------------------------2009年7月8日 上午 8:58 艾咪寫道:北機兄您好,謝謝您的回信!關於論文發表,謝謝您的鼓勵. 順便一提,即使我未來修完學分,通過資格考與博士學位論文等,我至少須發表兩篇學報論文(有限制發表刊物)才能順利取得學位,因此,我還有一篇要努力呢!總之,我會加油的.7/11~7/20我會去大陸,即參加第九屆兩岸大學師生湖湘文化考察活動,此外,我大堂哥會從福州到長沙來與我見面,事實上,他常打電話問候我父母(主要是母親接,因為父親重聽),偶爾也會打電話給我(他們三兄弟,最小的僅小我一歲). 前兩年,我去大陸時,已跟二堂哥與堂弟見面了,那次因時間關係,我沒能和大堂哥見面.有點遺憾!坦白說,這是一種難以言喻的感覺,說親嗎?沒像手足那麼親,只是他們是我叔叔的小孩(叔叔早已過世),我們之間隱約存有這種類似懷舊的感情,原本我想10天結束後,獨自前往老家福州看看,但想想,人生地不熟的,我也就放棄這樣的想法了.喜歡和您聊這些,謝謝您有耐心看完.以下供您參考:第八屆湖湘文化之旅  http://big5.huaxia.com/zt/jl/08-033/index.html艾咪 敬上==============以下供您參考:艾咪和JAMES〈沉香〉一詩 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3519艾咪參加第九屆湖湘文化之旅 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3498艾咪感謝余崇生教授的推薦http://blog.yam.com/chunchialin/article/22034637艾咪感謝何永清教授的題字勉勵http://blog.yam.com/chunchialin/article/19435441艾咪感謝JAMES題詩相贈 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3335&prev=-1&next=3301大年初六,艾咪遊三峽老街 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3301&prev=-1&next=3299清代說唱曲藝── 《紅樓夢》子弟書簡介http://blog.yam.com/chunchialin/article/12488132清平樂--- 對月http://blog.yam.com/chunchialin/article/16208269憶華岡http://blog.yam.com/chunchialin/article/16208196那位老榮民伯伯不是我阿公,他是我爸爸----- http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3066&prev=-1&next=3025來!爸爸帶妳去卡留卡留 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!D9dQ3xeRGALLfXdiFviGApJizA--/article?mid=3098ABoCo與艾咪分享 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=3156&prev=3274&next=3098&l=f&fid=46意外的驚喜:李紹唐先生的來電 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!D9dQ3xeRGALLfXdiFviGApJizA--/article?mid=1622艾咪感謝李紹唐先生的鼓勵票貼http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/chunchialin/article?mid=2594&prev=2647&next=2424&l=f&fid=46
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